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People judge a book by its cover.  Think about the last time you bought an eBook online.  Did the sales page have a quality cover to entice you to buy?  Most likely.

Now it's easy to make an eBook cover without paying someone else to do it.  Armand Morin's eCover Generator is easy software that let's you create a dazzling cover in minutes.

For details, go here.

Here are some of the great features of Armand's eCover Generator software:

  • Stop Paying Big Bucks using graphic designers when you can do the work and produce your own ecovers in a matter of minutes and for just a few pennies. 

  • Creates High Quality eCovers and give your sales letter the added
    boost needed to make your customers decide get the sale today.

  • Blows Away Your Competition by giving your customers a visual representation
    of your product and leave your competitors lying in the dust.

  • Note: WebmasterExpert no longer provides eBook cover services.


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